Reg Murphy in China

Background information

In 1972, journalist Reginald Murphy traveled with a group of western journalist to visit China, including rural areas outside of the Beijing. Murphy's visit took place just after President Nixon's famous visit to China and meeting with Mao Zedong in February of 1972. Posted here are photos taken by Murphy on his trip to China.

The Reg Murphy Photographs

Students in a 2011 section of a graduate class titled Digital History and Pedagogy at NC State University conducted analyses of these photos and produced visual essays of their findings. This work is available below.

Change from Aaron Johnson - Using a small set of Murphys photos to clarify the complex notion of change, Aaron presents this visual essay as a stand-alone interpretation, sans text. An statement on the work is available here .

Some Things are Universal from Anna Burgess - This work offers a creative visual interpretation that is pleasing aesthetically, but challenges our assumptions about China.

Two Roads Diverge from Jonathan List - Using pathways as a metaphor, Jonathans work offers a visual interpretation of Chinese history. He worked in Prezi, then exported the visual as a PNG file and posted with commentary on his personal blog.

Childhood Innocence from Celeste Bryant - This project features children photographed by Murphy. In her work, Celeste used Microsoft Publisher to compose and then exported to PDF for presentation on this website.

Communal Learning from Bridget Dix - In this work, Bridget examines the the communal nature of work, play and life in 1970s China. Bridget created her visualization using Microsoft Word then exported as a PDF file.

Emotion from Britney Kensmoe - The joy of life, as a universal, is on display in this visual presentation. Britney worked in Microsoft Word to create the visual, then exported to PDF for display here.

Cultural Exchange from Andrew Wit - Andrew looks at three sources for cultural exchange in this visual essay; using to create the work. A related statement on the work is available here.

Land of Contrasts from Cody Jackson - In this work, Cody examines contrasts in culture and technology within and across photographs. Cody designed his visual essay in Mcrosoft Word and saved as a PDF for presentation here.

The Power of the Group from Daniel Thayer - Daniel presents various social interpretations of life in China in this visual essay, which is composed in Microsoft Word and presented here as a PDF file.

Messages from Tyler Anderson - The juxtapositioning of photos to communicate varied messages was the aim of Tylers visual essay. In this presentation, Tyler interjects text between two presentations using Microsoft Word. The project was also saved as a PDF for display here.

Community from Zach Witt - In this work, Zach displays 16 photos in a symmetrical pattern to communicate larger ideas about communities in 1970s China. Zach created his visual using Powerpoint, and saved as a PDF for this presentation.

Reg Murphy in Hand from John Lee - Using a hand as metaphor, display construct and conceptual frame, this presentation suggests different expression of work and play, with each photo in some way featuring hands.

Additional examinations of the photos were conducted by students in a 2010 section of Digital history and Pedagogy. Example 1 \ Example 2 \ Example 3 \ Example 4 \ Example 5 \ Example 6

Photographs from Reg Murphy in China

Children in China, 1972

Female scientist in China, 1972